CDJR Lifetime Powertrain Warranty

2023 Dodge Durango

When in the market for your next Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, or RAM vehicle, no dealership in the Hattiesburg area offers the assurance you’ll receive from Pine Belt Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. That’s because when you purchase a qualifying new CDJR vehicle, you’re automatically enrolled in the exclusive CDJR Lifetime Powertrain Warranty! This unparalleled warranty ensures your vehicle’s powertrain components are protected for as long as you own your vehicle, providing you with a dependable model and certified service on the roads. Dive deeper into our CDJR Lifetime Powertrain Warranty guide and discover which components of your vehicle are covered.

How the CDJR Lifetime Powertrain Warranty Works

Our CDJR Lifetime Powertrain Warranty is straightforward. By purchasing a qualifying new CDJR model from our dealership, your vehicle’s powertrain components will be covered for the entirety of your ownership at a nominal repair cost of $100. To ensure your vehicle remains in peak condition, we mandate adherence to all recommended CDJR service intervals and require servicing to be conducted exclusively at our certified service department. This allows our skilled technicians to oversee all your covered components, preemptively addressing wear, tear, and potential issues before they affect your drive.

What’s Covered in the CDJR Lifetime Powertrain Warranty?

The Pine Belt Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Lifetime Powertrain Warranty covers a broad spectrum of components, from crucial engine parts to essential elements of your drivetrain assembly. Below is a detailed list of the components covered under the CDJR Lifetime Powertrain Warranty:

Engine Components Include:

  • Pistons & Piston Rings
  • Crankshaft & Main Bearings
  • Connecting Rods & Rod Bearings
  • Camshaft & Camshaft Bearings
  • Timing Gears & Timing Chain
  • Valves, Valve Springs, Guides
  • Oil Pump
  • Rocker Arms, Push Rods
  • Hydraulic Lifters, Rocker Arm Shaft
  • Cylinder Heads

Transmission Components Include:

  • Bearings, Bushings
  • Gear Shafts
  • Clutch Plates & Drums
  • Oil Pumps
  • Servo Units, Rings
  • Governor, Torus Unit
  • Torque Converter & Valves
  • All Internal Gears

Drive Axle Assembly & Drive Shaft Components Include:

  • Rear Gear & Pinion Gear
  • Bushings, Bearings
  • Spacers, Spider Gears
  • Axle Gears & Shafts
  • Drive Shaft
  • Universal & Constant Velocity Joints

Transfer Case (for 4×4 Vehicles) Covers:

  • All Internal Components

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Whether you’re eyeing the rugged Dodge Durango, the adventurous Jeep Wrangler, the luxurious Chrysler Pacifica, or the powerful RAM 1500, our dealership has got you covered for life! For more details about our CDJR Lifetime Powertrain Warranty, reach out to us online or at 601-299-5136. No matter which new CDJR vehicle captures your interest, we’re here to ensure you hit the road with comprehensive coverage and peace of mind.